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Flowmeter Series Flux 1 and 2 Metal Work

Range widening: Flowmeter Series Flux 1 and 2

The range of Metal Work FLUX Series Flowmeters gets expanded with the introduction of the new sizes 1 and 2 having flow rates, respectively, of up to 2,000 Nl / min and of up to 4,000 Nl / min.

The main body is made of anodized aluminum on which the electronics for measurement and control are installed.

A flow linearization device is mounted at the inlet of each FLUX which guarantees excellent measurement accuracy, without particular pressure drops.

FLUX 1 and 2 can be mounted in any orientation and installed individually, or inserted in an air treatment unit of Syntesi Series.

They are available in the versions with or without display, both with M12 connector for power supply - having voltage ranging from 12 VDC (-10%) and 24 VDC (+ 30%) - and signal control.
The versions with display also feature a pressure and temperature transducer.

Flow rate, pressure and temperature values, as well as graphs of instantaneous and cumulative values are displayed. The electrical power used to produce the measured flow is also calculated and displayed.

From the point of view of communication, the FLUX 1 and 2 have a PNP digital output - configurable for flow rate, pressure or total consumption - and an analogue output that can be set for voltage (0-10 VDC) or for current (4-20 mA). 
Versions with IO-Link interface with similar characteristics are also available.

Also these new sizes are suitable for use with compressed air or inert gases and have an IP65 degree of protection.

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pdf icon Flowmeter Series Flux 1-2 IO-Link user manual

pdf icon Flowmeter Series Flux 1-2 analogue user manual

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